Ingrid Jaradat, a lobbyist and expert on Jerusalem affairs discusses, with the Alternative Information Center (AIC), Israeli politics on Jerusalem and the problem of a lack of specific solidarity strategies regarding the city.

Jaradat, who is a former director of Badil, a civil society organization working on Palestinian residency rights, states that it is not enough to speak about occupation and settlements in general because, “in the wider public perception, Jerusalem has a separate agenda.”

Speaking about the Palestinian population in Jerusalem Jaradat says that its daily concern is about protecting its existence, as East Jerusalem has been transformed by military occupation, and is losing its Arab characteristics.

The Palestinian population is confined to live in enclaves.

Jaradat also speaks with AIC about Palestinian resistance: “The main form of resistance is the routine, a silent attempt to stay in Jerusalem,” she says as she called for solidarity activities relevant to Jerusalem and the lives of its Palestinian residents.

“We don’t lack opportunities and targets in Jerusalem,” she concludes.

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