The Islamic-Christian Committee for Supporting Jerusalem and Holy Sites issued, Saturday, a strong condemnation of a provocative Israeli art exhibit, in Haifa, mocking Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary.

The Committee said that the so-called art exhibit depicted Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary in a mocking and racist manner and added that such an act does not only anger Christians, but also followers of other faiths.

It stated that such an exhibit just reflects the racist nature of Israel, especially when it allows such a provocative exhibit to open and continue to operate in Haifa, under the guise of the “Freedom of Speech and Expression.”

The Committee also stated that this exhibit would just cause hatred and tension, in addition to the possibility of other unforeseen unfortunate repercussions.

Dr. Hanna Issa, the Secretary-General of the Committee, denounced the Israeli exhibit, and condemned the excessive use of force by the police against Palestinian protesters in Haifa, causing many injuries, in addition to the arrest of several nonviolent protesters.

Dr. Issa called for shutting this exhibit down, as its targets the symbols of the Christian faith, mainly Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary, and stressed on the importance of respecting the rights and feelings of people of other faiths and convictions.

He added that, instead of allowing this racist exhibit in Haifa, the City Council should perform its duties as a center that is there to serve the people, regardless of their faith or traditions.


Israeli police fire tear gas at Palestinian Christians protesting Israeli Exhibit Mocking Jesus Christ