The Israeli committee, in charge of settlements’ affairs at the Higher Planning Council of the military-run “Civil Administration Office” in the occupied West Bank, has approved the construction of 1162 new units for illegal colonists.

Among the approved buildings is what was dubbed as “a new neighborhood,” near Shvut Rachel illegal colony, built on private Palestinian lands, in the northern part of the West Bank.

Some of the constructions are meant to house colonists who lived in the recently evacuated “Amona” outpost, while the settlers are still rejecting the plan and are demanding to rebuild their illegal outpost.

Yet, the Israeli government decided to go ahead with its plan to build the “neighborhood,” to house them, and many new colonists.

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Last week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, of the Likud Party, announced that he was working on appointing a team tasked with creating a new colony in the occupied West Bank, to fulfill what he called “a promise” to the illegal colonists of Amona.

Netanyahu stated that the soldiers and officers who are removing Amona outpost, were acting under direct orders following a High Court decision deeming it illegal, because it was built on private Palestinian lands.

Encouraged by U.S. President Donald Trump, who vowed for support to Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and his government, announced plans for building thousands of new colonialist units in the West Bank, including occupied East Jerusalem.

Among the new plans are 3000 units in the West Bank, that were announced a week ago, and the 25000 units that were approved two weeks ago.

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