Minister of National Economy, Khaled Osseili, said on Sunday, that the Palestinian government was pursuing political, diplomatic and legal action to reverse Israel’s recent ban on the export of Palestinian agricultural abroad, which is aimed at stifling the Palestinian economy, WAFA reported.

At an emergency meeting of the Palestinian Exports Council in Ramallah, Osseili described the Israeli ban as a flagrant violation of the rules of the World Trade Organization, to which Israel is a member. He affirmed the Palestinian government’s support for local farmers and exporters, and stressed the importance of joining forces by all parties.

Tareq Abu Laban, assistant undersecretary for the economic sector in the Ministry of Agriculture, stated on Sunday, that the decision to ban all Palestinian agricultural exports to the world markets via Jordan came into effect today.

In a phone interview with WAFA, Abu Laban said that the Israeli government’s decision to ban the export of Palestinian vegetables, fruits, olive oil and dates was in response to the Palestinian government’s October 2019 decision to ban the import of Israeli calves into the Palestinian market.

The value of these exports amounts to $100 million annually, and the majority of them are cultivated in the Jordan Valley region, which Israel has threatened to annex under the so called “deal of the century” proposal.

Last week, the Palestinian government, declared a ban on Israeli products coming into the Palestinian market, including vegetables, fruits, juices, mineral water and carbonated drinks, in response to Bennet’s decision to ban Palestinian agricultural products into Israel.

Image: Ma’an