The Israeli occupation army launched a series of airstrikes east of the city of Rafah, southern Gaza Strip, on Thursday evening, Shehab News Agency reported.

Shehab correspondent stated that Israeli reconnaissance planes targeted 3 agricultural sites in the destroyed Gaza International Airport area, Karm Abu Salem and Sofa, east of Rafah.

The occupation artillery targeted agricultural land in the Sufa area and the Burj Al-Arsal in the airport area, as well as the Al-Awda camp with two shells.

Earlier Thursday, Shehab reporter stated that the Palestinian resistance fired towards low flying Israeli reconnaissance planes, from the northern Gaza Strip.

According to WAFA sources, a group of Palestinian civilians survived the Israeli airstrike that an unmanned Israeli drone launched two missiles at an agricultural area and a group of civilians, causing damage to the site but no injuries.

Important to note that in recent days Israel has carried out a number of missile attacks on the besieged Gaza Strip, Thursday at dawn, striking agricultural land, and on Sunday evening, causing damage, but no casualties.