On Thursday morning, Israeli bulldozers destroyed all pipelines supplying water to Bardala village in the Jordan Valley, leaving approximately 3,500 villagers without water.

According to the PNN, Mutaz Bisharat told news reporters that Israeli bulldozers, military jeeps and Israeli Civil Administration officials were behind the destruction of the pipelines.

The pipelines were destroyed under the accusation that they were being used to steal water with the intention of using it for growing agriculture.

Water resources in Palestine and Israel were supposed to be governed by the main principles of international law, as the right to water and sanitation is an individual basic human right.

Some estimates say that Israel uses 85% of the total water exclusively for the Israeli use, including use in the illegal settlements across the West Bank. This leaves only 15% for Palestinian use. The average Palestinian lives on an average of 73 litres of water per day, World Health Organisation (WHO) proclaims that the minimum water requirement per person per day is 100 litres.

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