On Tuesday, Israeli Kan News published a report revealing that, on August 20, Israeli soldiers abducted three Palestinian women at the Eliyahu military roadblock, near Nablus, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank, and claimed they had a weapon in their car and planned to avenge the assassination of Ibrahim Nabulsi, 30.

According to the report, the soldiers stopped a car with three women, searched it before locating a loaded rifle, and claimed that they were affiliated with the Islamic Jihad and planned a shooting attack against Israeli soldiers in Nablus.

Still Photo – Kan News

The report claimed that the “leader of the group,” Tahrir Adnan Abu Sariya, 29, from Nablus, drove to the roadblock accompanied by two other women, Ala’ Fayez Abu Sariya and Mariam Arafat Halawa were in touch with someone in the Gaza Strip who reportedly help them buy weapons and get in touch with a senior Islamic Jihad fighter in Nablus.

The three women allegedly fired at a military target. Then, they fled the scene to find another Israeli military target, but they reportedly lost their way, ended up at the Eliyahu crossing, and tried to attack the soldiers.

The women were abducted and moved to interrogation facilities; according to Israeli reports, the three women wanted to avenge the death of Ibrahim Nablus, 30, a senior leader of the “Lion Den” who was killed by the Israeli army in Nablus, on August 9.