Israeli soldiers abducted, on Sunday dawn, four Palestinians in Ramallah and Jenin in the occupied West Bank.

Media sources said several army vehicles invaded Beit Rima town, northwest of Ramallah, before breaking into homes and searching them.

They added that the soldiers abducted Akram Monir Harb, 21, and Ahmad Mosharraf Dar Yahia, 23, from their homes and took them to an unknown location.

The soldiers caused excessive property damage during the violent search of Akram’s home.

In Jenin, in the northern West Bank, the soldiers abducted invaded Jalboun village, east of the city, searched homes, and abducted Mustafa Taiseer Abu ar-Rob.

The soldiers also abducted a former political prisoner, Tareq Adnan Masad, from his home in Faqqu’a town, east of Jenin.

In related news, the soldiers invaded the al-Mas’udiyya archeological area, in Burqa village, northwest of Nablus in the northern part of the West Bank city, before storming a defunct railway station that existed before Israel occupied the West Bank.

Local activist Thiab Hijazi said the soldiers had maps while invading the area.

Hijazi added that the defunct station was constructed during the ottoman area and was used from traveling from Palestine to Hijaz in Saudi Arabia.