The Israeli army stated, Tuesday, that it fired missiles into what it called Hamas sites in the Gaza Strip, reportedly after four mortar shells were fired from Gaza, including three that did not make it across the perimeter fence, and one which landed in an open area across it.

The army did not report any damage or injuries and added that siren system was activated before the shell landed in the open area, and that its war jets fired missiles at a Hamas-run observation post in retaliation.

Media sources in Gaza said the bombarded post was a field office for the security forces of the Interior Ministry, in Juhr ed-Deek, in central Gaza.

Israeli army spokesperson said three of the shells, fired from Gaza, landed inside the coastal region, and only one made it across and landed in an open field.

It is worth mentioning that, on Monday, the army fired missiles into two Hamas-run posts in Gaza, among them an office building believed to be used by a senior leader of the Al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of the movement.

The army claimed it was retaliating to shells from into the southern part of the country, causing no damage or injuries.

In addition, Israeli Ynetnews has reported that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered cutting the amount of fuel, which is transferred to the Gaza Strip through Kerem Shalom Crossing, in half until further notice, in response to the reported rocket fire.