The Israeli authorities announced, Monday, the reopening of the “Kerem Shalom” crossing between Israel and the besieged Gaza Strip, in addition to the restoration of the fishing zone to 15 nautical miles, as of Tuesday, September 1, 2020, the Jerusalem Press reported.

According to Hebrew media, the occupation government, in a statement, its decision to to reopen the “Kerem Shalom” crossing, after being closed since Aug. 11, in an act of collective punishment against the 2 million people of Gaza.

The Israeli government also decided to restore the fishing zone back 15 nautical miles, as of Tuesday, after being closed completely since Aug. 16.

Part of the statement said, “this decision will be tested in the face of reality, and if Hamas, which bears responsibility for what is happening in the Gaza Strip, does not comply with its statements, then Israel will take the necessary measures in response.”

Hamas announced, on Monday, that its leadership had reached an understanding to stop any further Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip, after attempts by Egypt, and the most recent being with a Qatari Ambassador, Muhammad Al-Emadi.

~ Jerusalem Press