The Israeli Air Force carried out, on Monday at dawn, many air strikes into several parts of the Gaza Strip, causing serious damage to buildings and homes.

The army fired at least three missiles into the al-Waha area, in northwest of Gaza city, destroying a structure, a causing damage to many surrounded homes.

Explosions were also seen and heard in Central Gaza, after the soldiers fired missiles striking structures in the area.

Israeli war jets also flew above many homes and lands in several parts of the Gaza Strip, and fired many flares, while army drones kept flying over the coastal area until early morning hours.

In addition, Israeli navy ships attacked many Palestinian fishing boats, in the Sudaniyya Sea and al-Waha area.

The fishermen had to leave without being able to fish and provide for their families, in fear of further Israeli escalation.

Israeli sources said a “rocket,” homemade shell, landed and exploded in Hof Ashkelon Regional Council, causing no damage or injury.