Illegal Israeli colonists vandalized, on Tuesday, Palestinian-owned vehicles and homes, causing damage in the central occupied West Bank city of Al-Biereh, the Quds News Network reported.

Witnesses stated that the settlers entered the city overnight and slashed the tires of three vehicles, spray-painted the star of David and hateful and threatening phrases on Palestinian-owned vehicles and homes.

Photos show Hebrew writing which translate into “destroy the enemies” and “there are enemies in these houses”.

These phrases including “we’ll fight Palestinians” were scrawled across Palestinian-owned property, with the aim of terrorizing and intimidating the indigenous population.

Israeli colonialist settlers frequently harass and assault Palestinian civilians, damage property, steal olive harvests, and cut olive trees belonging to Palestinian farmers, causing fear and insecurity.

Israeli authorities do not provide any protection for the unarmed Palestinians, instead they aid the illegal settlers who commit the crimes against the unprotected population.

Post from the Wall and Colonization Resistance Commission

Post from Quds News Network

Photo: Wall and Colonization Resistance Commission