Israeli forces detained, on Tuesday night, shot one teenager and detained another, and on Wednesday at dawn, they detained thirteen more Palestinian civilians, according to the Palestinian News and Information Agency (WAFA).

In the central occupied West Bank village of Husan, west of Bethlehem, during confrontations, Israeli soldiers detained Muhammad Jamal Hamamreh, 16, and opened fire towards those protesting the invasion, striking a teenager in the thigh.

The identity of the injured child was not available at the time of this report, he was rushed to hospital for emergency treatment.

Also in the same village, soldiers stormed and ransacked the home of former prisoner, Jamal Jabr Hamamreh, and detained him.

In the Al-Fawagha neighborhood in Bethlehem city, Israeli troops detained a young man, identified as Mahdi Nabil Al-Assis from his home.

In the southern part of the West Bank, the army invaded Doura town, south of Hebron city, searched several homes and detained two former prisoners.

Southwest of the city, soldiers stormed the al-Fawwar refugee camp, and detained another former prisoner.

In Beit Ur al-Tahta village, west of Ramallah in central West Bank, soldiers detained two more Palestinian civilians identified as Ahmad Muhammad Khamis, 23, and Muhammad Suleiman, 29.

In nearby Al-Beireh city, soldiers detained Salama Fathi Mataria, Kamal Samir Mataria, Ibrahim Jamil Mataria, and Raed Muhammad Mataria from their homes in Jabal al-Tawil neighborhood.

Lastly, according to Muntaser Samour, the Director of the Palestine Prisoners’ Society (PPS) office, soldiers detained another former prisoner after storming and ransacking his home in Meithalun town, south of the northern West Bank city of Jenin.

~ WAFA, PIC, Jerusalem Press
Photo: Ma’an