More than 35 Palestinian households in the West Bank city of Bethlehem, have reportedly been successful to extract an Israeli court’s ruling that allows them to stay in their their homes, following Israeli military attempts to demolish them.

Head of the local Palestinian committee for resisting the Israeli Apartheid Wall and illegal Israeli settlements, Hassan Brega, said that Palestinian attorney, Ghayath Naser, was able to win an appeal to an Israeli court, against the planned Israeli military demolition of 38 homes in the Ein Aljowaiza neighborhood of Bethlehem.

The attorney, quoted by Brega, said that Israeli military authorities have recently delivered warrants to 38 families that their homes would be demolished, alleging that the rural neighborhood is not included in urban planning, held by Israeli authorities.

Noteworthy, the Ein Aljowaiza neighborhood is adjacent to the boundaries of the occupied East Jerusalem, which Israel occupied in 1967 and has recently declared the ‘unified capital of Israel’.

Owners of the homes believe that the demolition must be attributed to Israeli plans to expand the boundaries of East Jerusalem, at the expense of their own property, where they have lived for decades.

Recently, Israeli military authorities have announced a series of construction plans for the purpose of settlement housing units, across the West Bank and the internationally-recognized occupied East Jerusalem.

International law and United Nations’ resolutions, dub those Israeli colonial settlements as illegal, given the fact that the West Bank and the Arab East Jerusalem are both occupied Palestinian territories, since June 4, 1967.

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Image: Wikipedia