Israeli forces abducted, on Tuesday, at least 59 Palestinians, including 2 women, a child, and journalists, and injured dozens of citizens, including two who sustained critical injuries from live ammunition.


  • Israeli forces stormed, at dawn on Tuesday, Sir village, south of Jenin in the northern West Bank, and abducted Suleiman Abu Al-Rub in an attempt to pressure his son, Mustafa, a former prisoner, to turn himself in. Soldiers invaded he town of Siris, south of the city, and abducted Bahaa Tawfiq Mahmoud after storming and ransacking his home and his brothers home.
  • A large army force, accompanied by many armored vehicles, including a bulldozer, invaded the city of Jenin and its refugee camp, on Tuesday morning, deploying snipers on the rooftops of a number of homes. Bulldozers razed roads and infrastructure outside the camp, sparking protests, while soldier opened live fire at Palestinian young men, injuring one in the hand and another in the foot.
  • Southwest of Jenin, Israeli forces infiltrated the town of Arraba, which sparked protests, while soldiers fired live ammunition, shooting one Palestinian young man in the thigh and another in the shoulder.


  • In the pre-dawn hours of Tuesday, Israeli forces invaded the Tulkarem refugee camp, in the northwestern part of the West Bank, with the overhead flight of a reconnaissance drone, and deployed snipers on the rooftops of homes in the camp. The army bulldozed roads and infrastructure, and invaded a number of citizens’ homes, including the homes of two of the young men that were assassinated on Monday. Soldiers responded to Palestinians who resisted the attack by firing live rounds, shooting a young man in the chest, causing serious wounds. Soldiers also shot a young man in the thigh, in addition to shooting the mother of one of the slain men, in the shoulder. Another young man was shot in his leg, and two more were injured when the army fired a missile from a drone at a home, which also caused a fire in the home.
  • On Tuesday night, Israeli soldiers invaded the town of Beit Lid, southeast of the city, bulldozed the main entrance to to the town, fired flares, searched homes and facilities, and confiscated surveillance recordings.


  • At dawn Tuesday, the Israeli army invaded the Jericho governorate, in the northeastern part of the West Bank, stormed the home of Iyad Essam Harbi Awadat, 19, before abducting him from his home in the Aqabat Jaber refugee camp, southwest of Jericho. Soldiers also abducted Ahmed Abdullah Maghalsa, from the town of Al-Auja, north of the city, after breaking into and searching his home.


  • Soldiers abducted, on Tuesday, the Palestinian young man, Amer Ashraf, 29, from Yasuf village, east of Salfit in the central West Bank.


  • At dawn Tuesday, occupation forces abducted the former prisoner, Juma Abdullah Al-Tayeh, after invading and searching his home in the city of Al-Biereh, east of Ramallah in the central West Bank.
  • Undercover Israeli agents (Musta’ribeen) infiltrated the city of Al-Biereh, followed by army reinforcements, stormed and searched the home of Qassam Aziz Abed, 22, before abducting him. Soldiers fired live rounds and tear gas canisters at Palestinians who protested the invasion, without causing any injuries.
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  • At dawn Tuesday, Israeli forces invaded the village of Al-Mughayir, northeast of Ramallah, and stormed and searched the homes of Khaled Lutfi Jabr Abu Aliya, Nidal Ahmed Jabr Abu Aliya, and Hamza Arif Hassan Abu Aliya, before abducting them.
  • In the town of Kafr Ni’ma, northwest of Ramallah, soldiers abducted Maysam Salah Ataya, Hammam Abdo, Zahid Jubran, Talib Abdo, and Hussein Abdo, after invading and searching their homes. Soldiers opened fire at Palestinian youths who protested the incursion, shooting one young man in the abdomen.
  • Occupation forces stormed and ransacked many homes, including the homes of two former prisoners including a woman, identified as Ruba Assi, and Muhammad Al-Dahla, from the town of Beitunia, west of Ramallah. Local youths protested the incursion, which soldier responded to by firing live ammunition, shooting a young man in the foot.


    Mos’ab Mojahed Kamel Al-Matari

  • After midnight Tuesday, Israeli forces shot injured two Palestinian young men in the town of Beit Anan, northwest of occupied Jerusalem, before abducting them, and later announced the death of one of the detainees, identified as Musab Mujahid Kamel Al-Matari, 19.
  • Israeli forces shot a young man in the abdomen, on Tuesday morning, in the town of Abu Dis, east of occupied Jerusalem, when local youths protested the military presence in the town. At dawn Tuesday, four Palestinian journalists, identified as Muhammad Ayyad, Hudhayfah Jamous, Muhammad Maher Jafal, and Saleh Jamal Dabwa were also abducted from the town.
  • Israeli occupation forces, stationed at the Qalandia military roadblock, north of occupied Jerusalem, shot an unidentified 15-year old girl with a live round in the foot before abducting her.

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  • From the Shu’fat refugee camp north of occupied Jerusalem, soldiers abducted Nabil Arif Salama, Baraa Munther Abu Mayaleh, Youssef Mahmoud Hilweh, Yazan Haitham Makhamreh, Munther Abu Mayaleh, Qais Mustafa Al-Bayaa, Muhammad Adnan Hoshiyeh, Salah Hushiyah, Zain Al-Sharha, and Muhammad Al-Nouri.
  • In Hizma town northeast of occupied Jerusalem, soldiers abducted Israr Muhammad Dhaif Allah Salah al-Din, 19.


  • In the southern West Bank city of Bethlehem, Israeli forces abducted Moaz Salhab, in addition to three Palestinians, including a child, from the town of Beit Fajjar south of the city, identified as Imad Sami Taqatqa, 28, and his two brothers Wissam, 20, and Moataz, 15.


  • Israeli forces stormed, at dawn Tuesday, the town of Sa’ir, northeast of Hebron in the southern West Bank, sparking protests among local youths. Soldiers fired live rounds, concussion grenades, and tear gas canisters at them, shooting and killing Sa’ad Nimr Al-Faroukh, 24. Soldiers shot two other young men, including one who suffered a critical gunshot wound to the abdomen, while dozens more sustained inhalation injuries.
  • Israeli forces stormed, on Tuesday morning, the town of Al-Dhaheriya, southwest of Hebron, sparking protests among local youths. In response, soldiers fired live rounds and tear gas canisters at them, shooting two young men in their lower limbs, and causing dozens of others to suffer the toxic effects of tear gas inhalation.
  • Israeli forces targeted, on Tuesday evening, Palestinian citizens who were present on their land near the Apartheid wall, west of Hebron, in the town of Idhna, shooting one young man in the foot with live ammunition.
  • South of Hebron, in the town of As-Samu’, occupation forces abducted Adel Abdel Hamid Al-Badarin, Ahmed Musa Al-Khalayleh, his brother Baraa, Suleiman Salem Abu Saif, Osama Al-Aneed, his brother Hamza Muhammad Al-Aneed, Muhannad Al-Hawamdeh, Muhammad Deeb Al-Hawamdeh, Muhammad Hassan Nassar Abu Aqeel, Sajid Walid Daghameen, Youssef Mahmoud Abdel Nabi Al-Hawamdeh, Qusay Hisham Essam Al-Zaarir, Jamil Muhammad Al-Daghameen, Anwar Radwan Al-Mahareeq, Hassan Abdul Mahdi Al-Salamin, and Ahmed Mahmoud Al-Zaarir.
  • In the town of Ash-Shuyukh, northeast of the city, soldiers assaulted and abducted Palestinian journalist, Abdul Mohsen Al-Shalaldah, and his brother Alaa.
  • Taha Muhammad Al-Shalaldah was abducted by occupation forces in the town of Sa’ir, northeast of the city.
  • Soldiers abducted Musleh Attiya Ballout, Fayez Ibrahim Al-Khadour, and Muhammad Khaled Khader Hamidat from the town of Bani Na’im, east of the city, and Yousef Abdel Mohsen Al-Hunaini in the city of Hebron.
  • Reports added that soldiers fired tear gas at citizens in the towns of Bani Na’im, Dura, Sa’ir, and As-Samu’, causing dozens of Palestinians to suffer the toxic effects of tear gas inhalation.