Israeli forces demolished an agricultural structure, on Monday, in the Jordan Valley village of Tayasir, northern West Bank, according to activist Aref Daraghme.

Daraghme told Palestinian WAFA News Agency that soldiers invaded the village and demolished a small 36 square meter structure with an aluminum ceiling.

Authorities rationalized the demolition by claiming it was built without an Israeli permit.

In related news, the Israeli army delivered halt construction notices, with the intent to demolish Palestinian residential structures, according to local sources.

Sources told WAFA that Israeli authorities ordered a halt on construction and demolition of 2 Palestinian homes, belonging to residents of the village of Qarawat Bani Hassan, West of Salfit, central West Bank.

A third demolition also order was delivered to a small residential structure.

Israeli forces, on Monday, demolished 4 Palestinian agricultural facilities in al-Jiftlik village, northern Jordan Valley, the Palestinian Information Center (PIC) reported.

Sources said that Israeli soldiers stormed al-Aqaba area of the village demolishing an agricultural structure belonging to Murad Jaber.

Other structures destroyed by the army included a water well, a barn and a pool.

The PIC further reported that eyewitnesses said Israeli forces stormed agricultural land, south of Qalqilia City, delivered stop-work orders, confiscated agricultural equipment and abducted three Palestinian youths, on Sunday night.

Image: Days of Palestine