Israeli forces, Tuesday, reportedly opened fire at Palestinian farmers in the eastern part of al-Qarrara, in the southern Gaza Strip.

Witnesses said Israeli forces deployed at the eastern borders of al-Qarrara opened “heavy” fire at farmers in the area.

No injuries were reported, according to Ma’an.

An Israeli army spokesperson said she was “looking into reports”.

On a near-daily basis, the Israeli army fires “warning shots” at Palestinian fishermen, farmers, and shepherds entering the Israeli-enforced “buffer zone” on land and sea, implemented after Israel imposed a blockade on the region a decade ago.

Due to the high frequency of the attacks, live fire often goes unreported.

While Israel typically cites security concerns when targeting Palestinian agricultural areas, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) has reported, in the past, that fishermen were often targeted when they posed no threat.

Approximately 35 percent of Palestinian agricultural land in Gaza is inaccessible without high personal risk, according to the center.

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