Israeli invasion of al-Issawiya (archive image)

Israeli forces invaded the town of al-Isawiya in East Jerusalem Tuesday morning before dawn and raided a number of Palestinian homes.

They then issued warrants to seven youth, who are required to submit themselves to the Israeli police for interrogation.

According to local sources, Israeli troops invaded the town with a battalion of soldiers and a number of armored vehicles, ransacked homes and pulled youth from their beds while they were sleeping.

They then issued warrants to seven young men, after raiding and ransacking their homes.

The seven were identified as: Ahmad Muhammad Derbas, Walid Alyan, Mohammad Rabah Alyan, the two brothers Majd Darwish and Rashid Darwish, and Issa Derbas.

This invasion follows a similar pre-dawn invasion into al-Isawiya the previous day, in which they ransacked homes and abducted 15-year old Montaser Nasser Sebta .