Israeli military vehicles in Khan Younis (archive image)

Local sources reported that Israeli tanks fired shells Tuesday morning toward Palestinian farmland and grazing pastures for animals east of Qarara, in Khan Younis, in the southern Gaza Strip.

The shells reportedly were fired from the Kosovim military base located southeast of Khan Younis. Israeli forces also entered the area with armored vehicles, according to local sources, and fired a number of rounds. Palestinians in Gaza are living through record summer heat with only 3 hours of electricity a day or less, and 8 hours of water every three days.

Numerous Palestinians in Gaza have suffered heat exhaustion, and the sewage plant has been unable to filter waste for the last two months.

According to a recent report in Al Jazeera, “Gaza is in the third month of an externally enforced reduction of its already meagre electrical power supply. The enclave of two million people would ordinarily require about 450 megawatts (MW) of electricity daily for around-the-clock power. However, over much of the past decade, as part of the tight Israeli blockade of Gaza, its power supplies have fluctuated around 200MW, resulting in persistent blackouts. But over the past several months, according to the Israeli human rights organization Gisha, Gaza’s supply each day has varied from 140MW to an all-time low of 70MW, lengthening the blackouts and the human suffering.”