Israeli forces stormed, early on Wednesday, al-Khader town, to the south of Bethlehem, in the southern occupied West Bank, and took measurements of two Palestinian houses there, locals said.

Coordinator of Local Anti-Wall and Settlement Committee, Ahmad Salah, said that Israeli troops broke into and took measurements inside two Palestinian houses in the al-Khader neighborhood of Abu-Sud, west of the town.

The troops also inspected the identity cards of the family members, identified as Mahmoud Mousa and Ahmad Abul-Hatab, he added, according to Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency.

Several houses in Al-Khader neighborhood have been threatened with being demolished, as they are adjacent to Israeli bypass Road 60, which runs near a compound of public schools in the old town of al-Khader, Salah pointed out.

Israel has constructed Road 60 and Road 375, which cut through the town and extend for 6.25 kilometers along its territory, in order to connect the neighboring settlements of Efrat and Neve Daniyyel with one another.

Al-Khader is an agricultural town known for its grape vines. Israel has seized thousands of acres of the town’s land for settlement construction.

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