Palestinian fishing boats and Israeli navy (archive image)

Israeli navy ships attacked, on Sunday evening, several Palestinian fishing boats in the Sudaniyya area, northwest of Gaza city, in the besieged and impoverished coastal region.

The Fishermen Committees of the “Union of Agricultural Work Committees” said the navy fired many live rounds at the boats, while fishing 2 to 3 nautical miles from the Gaza shore.

They added that the attack did not lead to casualties but forced the Palestinians back to shore in fear of further violations.

The attack is part of ongoing Israeli violations against Palestinian fishermen, workers, and farmers, in several parts of the Gaza Strip.

The violations have led to dozens of casualties, including fatalities, in addition to the destruction and confiscation of Palestinian fishing boats.

It is worth mentioning that, under the Oslo Peace Agreement, signed between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization in 1993, the fishing zone was set at twenty nautical miles, where the Palestinians are supposed to be able to fish and sail, but Israel keeps violating the agreement, and repeatedly reduces or alters the allotted zone.