Illegal Israeli settlers, on Saturday, attacked Palestinian farmers and injured four in Yasouf village, northeast of Salfit in the northern occupied West Bank, Quds News Network reported.

Palestinian farmer, Yousef Hammoudeh, stated that while he and his family were harvesting their olives, dozens of illegal colonists hurled rocks at the family, injuring three people.

The settlers, coming from the illegal Rahalim colony, built on occupied Palestinian territory, assaulted the family with rocks, injuring Hammoudeh in the head, his wife in the leg, and his son in the back.

Hammoudeh added that the colonists smashed the windows of his car, stole the harvested olives and ladders and other tools, and pepper spraying another local farmer.

According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs latest Protection of Civilians Report,

Israeli settlers physically assaulted and injured eight Palestinians, and people known or believed to be settlers damaged or stole the harvest from over 180 Palestinian-owned olive trees. These included four farmers injured while working their land near As Seefer (Hebron), two shepherds near the community of Arab ar Rashayida (Bethlehem), and another farmer in Ein Yabrud (Ramallah) and an activist in Susiya (Hebron). According to eyewitnesses or landowners, settlers vandalized around 160 olive trees in Umm Fagarah (Hebron) and Burin (Nablus), and stole the olives from another 26 trees in Salfit. A number of attacks by settlers in the H2 area of Hebron were recorded, including breaking into a number of houses and stealing agricultural tools, surveillance cameras and water pumps, in addition to stealing olives.



Cover photo: archive photo