An Israeli soldier who was filmed shooting and killing a fleeing Palestinian teenager, in 2015, has been promoted to the command of the Nahal Brigade.
Colonel Yisrael Shomer shot Muhammed ali-Kosba after the seventeen-year-old from the Qalandiah refugee camp, in Jerusalem, had thrown a rock at Shomer’s vehicle, near the occupied West Bank village of A-Ram
According to Haaretz, an investigation found that Shomer had acted ‘according to the procedure for arresting a suspect – which, according to the Military Police, included firing a warning shot into the air followed by two bullets aimed at the teen’s legs.”
However, Iyad Hadad of B’Tselem human rights organization found that Kosba had three gunshot wounds, one in the face and two in the back.
Despite this, the  chief military prosecutor closed the case, deeming the officer to have acted appropriately.
Shomer’s promotion was announced on Monday, as part of a series of military personnel promotions.