Israeli soldiers invaded, on Sunday at dawn, several Palestinian communities in the northern West Bank governorate of Nablus, searched many homes and abducted five Palestinians.

Several army jeeps invaded Aseera ash-Shemaliyya town, north of Nablus, before the soldiers searched homes and abducted Mo’men Sabah, while another Palestinian, identified as Osama Yameen, was abducted from his home in Tal village, southwest of Nablus.

Both abducted Palestinians are students of the Najah National University, in Nablus city.

Furthermore, the soldiers invaded and searched homes in the al-‘Ein refugee camp, west of Nablus, and abducted Rabea’ Khaled.

One Palestinian, identified as As’ad Mataheel, was abducted from his home in the al-Makhfeyya neighborhood, in Nablus city, and another Palestinian, who remained unidentified until the time of this report, was abducted from his home in Nablus’s Old City.