Israeli soldiers abducted, overnight and on Sunday evening, ten Palestinians in different parts of the occupied West Bank, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) has reported.

The PPS stated that the soldiers abducted, on Sunday evening, two young Palestinian men while walking close to the Za’tara military roadblock, near the northern West Bank city of Nablus.

The Palestinians were walking in lands close to the roadblock when the soldiers stopped them, and abducted them, allegedly for “carrying knives.”

In related news, the soldiers abducted overnight and on Sunday morning, eight Palestinians after storming and violently searching their homes, in different parts of the West Bank.

The PPS office in Bethlehem said the soldiers invaded Marah Rabah village, south of the city, searched homes and abducted Hussam Mohammad Sheikh, 26, Morad Mahmoud Sheikh, 19, Hamza Abdullah Sheikh, 21, and Hussein Amro Sheikh, 20.

Also in Bethlehem, the soldiers invaded the Deheishe refugee camp, and abducted Mahmoud Karim Ayyad.

In Hebron, in the southern part of the West Bank, the soldiers abducted Mohammad Mahmoud ‘Asafra, 20, from Beit Kahel town, west of the city, and Sabri Ibrahim Awad, 22, from Beit Ummar town, north of Hebron.

Furthermore, the soldiers abducted Malek Abu Sneina, 18, from Jerusalem’s Old City.

It is worth mentioning that the soldiers abducted eight Palestinians in Friday, and eight others on Saturday.