On Tuesday, Israeli soldiers chased, assaulted, and detained a Palestinian child while returning home from school in Silwan town, in the occupied capital Jerusalem, in the West Bank, the Wadi Hilweh Information Center In Silwan (Silwanic) said.

The child, Salah Natsha, 11, from the Ras Al-Amoud neighborhood in Silwan, was walking home when the soldiers chased him, and then they started beating him up before moving him to an interrogation facility.

Salah told Silwanic he saw a large number of soldiers running in his direction and was scared by that sight and ran away, but the soldiers chased him before repeatedly assaulting him.

“I was terrified by the sight of those soldiers, so I ran away,” Salah said, “They chased me, and then they started attacking me; they tore my shirt off and then took me to the police station. After that, they accused me of throwing rocks at them, but that’s not true. And finally, they released me after about an hour of interrogation….”