Undercover soldiers of the Israeli Prison Authority attacked, on Monday evening, the hunger striking detainees, held in section 14 of Nafha Israeli prison, and sprayed them with teargas.

The Media Committee of the “Freedom and Dignity” hunger strike, said all hunger striking detainees in Nafha, are held in Section 14, and that the attack was meant to force them to end their strike.

Following the latest assault, the detainees in Nafha, and various other prisons and detention centers, have declared they will be stepping-up their activities in support of the striking detainees, while more will be gradually joining the strike.

The Committee said that the detainees have been subject to escalating assaults and violations, but are determined to continue the hunger strike, and expand it.

So far, around 1500 detainees are ongoing with the hunger strike which started eight days ago, while waves of detainees are preparing to join.

They are demanding basic, internationally-guaranteed rights, that have been continuously and systematically taken away from them.