On Monday night, Israeli soldiers assaulted and injured a Palestinian man after stopping his car near a military roadblock north of Jericho city in the northeastern West Bank.

The man, Abdul-Qader Masharqa, 41, said the soldiers forced him to stop at a sudden military roadblock before forcing him out of his car and searching it.

Masharqa added that the soldiers started assaulting and clubbing him while inspecting his Id card and took him to Huwwara military base, south of the northern West Bank city of Nablus, where he was detained for several hours.

Immediately after his release, Masharqa was rushed to a Palestinian hospital to be treated for his various lacerations and bruises.

Masharqa was heading to his work at the Al-Awsaj Cooperative Society, north of Jericho when the soldiers stopped and assaulted him.