Israeli soldiers attacked, on Saturday at dawn, many Palestinian political prisoners in Asqalan Prison, and conducted very violent searches of their rooms and property.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) has reported that the attack comes one day before the planned hunger strike in the prison due to the escalating Israeli violations against them, which significantly increased starting this past April.

The detainee placed several demands, including an end to the heavily armed and very violent invasions and searches of their rooms, cancelling the sanctions imposed on them, providing the adequate urgently needed medical care to four detainees, identified as Bassel Na’san, Yasser Rabay’a, Haitham Hallas and Mohammad Barrash.

The Committee stated that the detainees have announced the following list of demands:

  1. The army must stop the repeated and violent invasions and searches of their rooms.
  2. To cancel all sanctions recently imposed on the detainees without a real cause or justification.
  3. Provide the ailing detainees with the needed medical treatment, including surgeries to the following detainees – Bassel an-Na’san, Yasser Rabay’a, Haitham Hallas and Mohammad Barrash. This also includes providing specialized physicians, and dentists, to examine them.
  4. Installing air-conditioning systems in the hallways.
  5. Installing large fans in the yards.
  6. Changing and providing different TV channels.
  7. Transferring the detainees’ back to the facility.
  8. Allowing the entry of books and clothes on regular bases into the facility.
  9. Dedicating a room that is only meant for preparing food.
  10. Increasing the time limit of the period the detainees are allowed to be in the yard.
  11. Allowing the detainees to have their pictures taken with their visiting family members.
  12. Allowing access to hot water during the day once again.
  13. Upgrading the speakers used in the visiting rooms.
  14. Removing restrictions on the purchase of fruits and vegetables from the prison canteen.