Israeli soldiers invaded, on Wednesday morning, Jabal al-Baba Bedouin Palestinian community, southeast of occupied East Jerusalem, and demolished a kindergarten and a women’s center.

The soldiers surrounded the Palestinian community and assaulted many residents, before demolishing the kindergarten and the women’s center.

The attack is part of a series of violations, and constant Israeli attempts to displace the Palestinians from Jabal al-Baba, in addition to al-Khan al-Ahmar, and numerous communities, for the construction and expansion of its illegal Jewish-only colonies, in direct violation of International Law.

The illegal Israeli colonialist plan, known as ‘E1 Jerusalem Plan’ meant to encircle the eastern part of Jerusalem with colonial settlements to surround the city, and claim it for Israel, denying the Palestinian people’s historical and ongoing claim to the city.

The plan, which began in 2005 and has vastly expanded Israeli colonial settlements on Palestinian lands, is set to displace hundreds of thousands of residents from their homes and add them to the Palestinian refugee population – the largest refugee population in the world.