On Monday, Israeli soldiers killed a Palestinian at a military roadblock near Deir Nitham town, northwest of Ramallah, in the occupied West Bank’s central part.

A few hours after the incident, the Israeli army officially informed the Palestinian General Authority of Civil Affairs that the Palestinian was killed.

He has been identified as Bilal Ibrahim Qadah, 33, from Shuqba village, northwest of Ramallah.

He was killed at the military roadblock at the southern entrance of Deir Nitham town.

The Israeli National News claimed the soldiers shot a man who “threw a grenade and aimed a weapon” at the soldiers.

It added that the Palestinian was “eliminated” and that no soldiers were hurt in the reported incident.

It later said that the Palestinian was “armed with an improvised explosive device and a rifle,” and added that an initial investigation by the army revealed “he planned to harm soldiers”, and “attempted to throw a grenade at the soldiers.”

Meanwhile, the Israeli Jerusalem Post alleged that the man “was killed after attacking the soldiers with gunfire” and added that he also carried an “improvised explosive” near Neveh Tzuf colony.

The Jerusalem Post said the man initially parked his car by the roadside which prompted the soldiers to approach him, and that when they asked him to identify himself, he reportedly opened fire, and was about to throw a grenade before they killed him.

On its part, Israeli Ynet News said the soldiers fire at the Palestinian who was reportedly “seen placing an explosive device on the road.”

The Ynet News added that the soldiers found an improvised submachine gun on the Palestinian.

The army closed the roadblock area to Palestinian traffic, causing an extended traffic jam, and initiated searches in the area.

On Friday, Israeli soldiers killed Abdul-Jawad Hamdan Saleh, 24 after shooting him with live fire in Um Safa village, north of Ramallah, in the occupied West Bank’s central part.

Earlier Friday morning, Israeli soldiers killed Hamza Moayyad Maqbool, 32, and Khairi Mohammad Shahin, 33, and injured three others after the army and its undercover forces invaded Nablus, in the occupied West Bank’s northern part.

On Thursday, one Israeli soldier, Shilo Yosef Amir, 19, was killed after a Palestinian opened, Ahmad Hilal Ghethan, during an exchange of fire at an Israeli military roadblock near Qalqilia, in the northwestern part of the occupied West Bank, before the soldiers fatally shot him.

On Tuesday, The Palestinian Health Ministry confirmed the death of Abdul-Rahman Hasan Sa’abna, 22, from Fahma village, southwest of Jenin, after the Israeli soldiers him in the head in Jenin during the two-day Israeli offensive in Jenin and Jenin refugee camp.

The Health Ministry added that the soldiers killed Jawad Mujahed N’eirat, 22, from Meithalun town, south of Jenin, after shooting him in the head in Jenin.

On Tuesday dawn, Israeli soldiers killed Odai Ibrahim Khamaisa, 22, in Jenin City, bringing the number of slain Palestinians in Jenin to ten on the second day of the Israeli offensive. Khamaisa was from Al-Yamoun town, west of Jenin.

Last Monday night the Palestinian Health Ministry confirmed the death of a Palestinian teen, Mustafa Nidal Al-Qassem, 17, whom Israeli soldiers shot during the offensive on Jenin.

He was the nineth Palestinian the soldiers kill in Jenin, after the army killed eight earlier Monday, in addition to wounding more than 100, twenty seriously.