On Friday night, Israeli soldiers killed a young Palestinian man north of Ramallah, in the central part of the occupied West Bank. The Palestinian is the third to be killed Friday, in addition to a detainee who died from his wound at an Israeli medical center.

The Israeli army claimed that the young man, Qais Emad Shojaya, 23, from Deir Jarir village east of Ramallah, fired live rounds in the direction of Beit Eil colony, north of Ramallah, before he was shot.

The Palestinian Health Ministry was officially informed of his death and added that Qais was shot near the Al-Jalazonerefugee camp before the soldiers took his corpse away.

According to the army, Qais and another Palestinian fired several live rounds at the colony before the soldiers shot at them, killing Qais, but the second young man managed to escape unharmed.

The Israeli army initiated massive searches in the area, looking for the second Palestinian.

The army added that the two Palestinians reportedly approached the fence of Beit El before firing several rounds, mildly wounding a settler, 25, in the upper body while sitting outside his home.

The wounded colonizer remained conscious and alert before he received treatment from a medic living in the colony and was later moved to an Israeli hospital.

It is worth mentioning that, on October 18, 2015, Israeli soldiers shot Qais during protests in the area and prevented the Palestinian medics from approaching him before abducting the wounded young man.

The soldiers also abducted his brother on August 15, 2022, and he remains imprisoned by Israel.

Earlier Friday, an Israeli army sharpshooter killed a Palestinian doctor, Abdullah Al-Ahmad, 43, while trying to render first aid to wounded Palestinians in Jenin, in the northern part of the West Bank.

During the invasion of Jenin, the soldiers also killed Mateen Dabaya, 25, from the Jenin refugee camp and injured many Palestinians, including medics, especially after the army deliberately targeted them and their ambulance.

On Friday dawn, a Palestinian died from serious wounds he suffered along with his cousin in early September of this year before they were abducted by the soldiers allegedly for being behind an attack targeting a bus transporting Israeli soldier to a military base.

The Palestinian has been identified as Mohammad Maher Sa’id (Ghawadra), 17, from the Jenin refugee camp.