Israeli soldiers killed, Wednesday, at least twenty Palestinians during ongoing bombardment and shelling targeting all parts of the besieged and impoverished Gaza Strip. The Israeli missiles struck homes, residential buildings, infrastructure, streets, and many other facilities.

Update: In a recent airstrike at night, Wednesday, the Israeli missiles killed two children, identified as Mariam Mohammad Odah at-Tilbani, 3, and her brother Zeid, 5, in their home in Tal al-Hawa neighborhood, in Gaza city.

Media sources in Gaza said the soldiers killed three Palestinians and injured at least one, in an Israeli airstrike in the Nusseirat refugee camp, in central Gaza.

They added that the Israeli missiles targeted Palestinians and buildings in one of the alleys of the refugee camp; the two slain Palestinians, and the injured, were moved to the nearby Al-Aqsa Hospital.

In addition, Palestinian medics and rescue teams found the corpse of one Palestinian under the rubble of a building in Beit Hanoun, in northern Gaza. Two Palestinians were killed in the Israeli strikes on the building, and the third is the one whose corpse was found today.

In Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, the soldiers killed an elderly Palestinian man, and a child, when the army fired missiles into agricultural lands in Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

According to the Health Ministry in Gaza, Israeli missiles have killed more than 65 Palestinians, including sixteen children and five women, in addition to the injury of more than 365 Palestinians, many of them are in critical conditions.

Two of the slain Palestinians, Sa’id Salem al-Hatto, 65, and his wife, Maysoon, 60, were killed in an Israeli airstrike that targeted a car they were in the as-Sabra neighborhood in Gaza city.

The same attack led to the death of Mustafa Mazen Kardiya, 37, Abdul-Salam Mahmoud al-Ghazali, 28, and Nader Mohammad al-Ghazali, 47.

The slain Palestinians have been identified as:

  1. Mariam Mohammad Odah at-Tilbani, 3, Gaza city.
  2. Zeid Mohammad Odah at-Tilbani, 5, Gaza city.
  3. Mohammad Ahmad Abu Amsha, 40, Beit Hanoun.
  4. Ahmad Walid at-Talla’ al-Omar, 30, Nusseirat.
  5. Hamza Nasser, 11, Gaza city.
  6. Sa’id Hashem’s al-Hatto, 65, Gaza city.
  7. Maisoon Zaki Hashed al-Hatto, 60, Gaza city. (Sa’id’s wife)
  8. Jamal Mohammad Sa’id Zibda, 65, Gaza city.
  9. Bassel Abdul-Karim Issa, Gaza city.
  10. Awad Nabil Abu Salmiya, 34. Gaza city.
  11. Abdul-Salam Mahmoud al-Ghazali, 29, Gaza city.
  12. Nader Mohammad Nabeeh al-Ghazali, 47, Gaza city.
  13. Mustafa Mazen Salem Kardiya, 32, Gaza city.
  14. Mansour Yousef Hasan el-Dremle, 67, Gaza city.
  15. Mahmoud Ahmad Abu Amer, 38, Khan Younis.
  16. Majed Abed-Rabbo Mahmoud Abu Sa’ada, 58, Khan Younis.
  17. Hadeel Khaled Arafa al-Omar, 27, Khan Younis.
  18. Miami Abdullah Arafa al-Omar, 49, Khan Younis.
  19. Mahmoud Kamil Kalousa, 29, Khan Younis.
  20. Bashar Ahmad Sammour, 17, Khan Younis.
– First publish on: May 12, 2021 at 22:54