Israeli cab damaged in attack in northern West Bank (Photo: Samaria Regional Council)

An unknown assailant shot toward a taxi and bus near the ‘Itamar’ settlement east of Nablus, in the northern West Bank on Sunday morning. The driver of the taxi was mildly injured by shrapnel, according to Israeli sources.

The man who was injured was hit by shrapnel, not a bullet, according to Israeli sources.

The drive-by shooting also caused slight damage to the cab of the bus that was shot at, but no one in the bus was injured.

A new group of Palestinian resistance fighters who call themselves ‘The Lion’s Den’ took responsibility for the shooting, stating, “We located a bus of settlers near the Elon Moreh checkpoint and opened fire at it. Our operatives retreated safely”. The group also posted video footage of the attack to social media.

This follows a week of Israeli attacks in the northern West Bank, in which Israeli forces killed three Palestinians in a single day on Wednesday, using armored drones and invading soldiers to attack the Palestinian refugee camp near the city of Jenin, then followed that attack with numerous invasions and assaults on the Palestinian civilian population in the northern West Bank.

On September 29th, Israeli soldiers shot at a group of children near Bethlehem, then chased a seven-year old boy toward his home, accusing him of throwing stones at them. The child died of a heart attack – as Palestinian sources reported, the soldiers literally “scared the child to death”.

Just a day before this drive-by shooting, on Saturday October 1st, Israeli forces shot and killed 18-year-old Faiz Damdum, who was driving a scooter in the Palestinian town of al-Azariya east of Jerusalem. Another Palestinian was seriously wounded.



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