In the early morning hours on Tuesday, Israeli forces conducted multiple raids into various parts of the West Bank, abducting 25 Palestinian residents.

11 were abducted by the Israeli occupation forces from the Nablus governorate. They were identified as: Dirar Ahmad Hammadneh, 58, and his sons Amr, 33, and Ahmad, as well as Abu Hassan Hammadna, 37, and Mohammad Sa’ada, 41, Hamza Abdullah Yassin, Mohammad Fayek Hamadneh, Omar Nidal Yassin, Baraa Essam Jarra’a, Adham Shuli, and Mohammad Abdel Fattah Khrouche, 23.

In the northern part of the West Bank, in the Jenin province, Israeli forces abducted three Palestinians, all of whom are former prisoners: Mohammed Ali Ateeq, Muhtadi Jamil Al-Assi and Mohammed Farouk Abed.

In a separate raid in the early morning hours of Tuesday into Jericho, in the southeastern West Bank, Israeli forces abducted Haitham Awwad Jarahid and Marwan Awad Jarahid,

In Tulkarem, in northern West Bank, the soldiers abducted Abu Roumi.

Tareq al-Amouri was taken from his bed while sleeping, from the town of Al-Eizariya in Jerusalem.

In addition, Faris Adel al-Titi, 24, Mu’tasim al-Sayed Ahmed and Mohammed Walid Hajjajra were abducted during early morning raids.

These night raids take place on a daily basis, and consist of large contingents of Israeli forces invading Palestinian areas and raiding Palestinian family homes in order to abduct certain members they want to bring in for questioning, or to hold without charges under “administrative detention” for six month periods.