Israeli troops reportedly abducted, early on Thursday, a total of 19 Palestinian residents, across the Palestinian West Bank.

Local media reports said that Israeli troops, in the northern West Bank city of Qalqilia, abducted five residents, identified as Sa’d Mansour, 25, Zaid Redwan, 19, Yehya Redwan, Iyad Shbaita, 18 and Adham Shawahna, 35.

In Ramallah city, central West Bank, Israeli troops abducted three young men, identified as Aysar Na’eem, Solieman Aarouri, 20 and Ayman Alatshan, 22. Two of which are university students at the Beir Zeit university. Before the abduction, Israeli soldiers reportedly broke into the three residents’ homes.

In Bethlehem city, Israeli soldiers, backed by armored vehicles, abducted Abdelrahman Shaibat, after breaking into and vandalizing his home, located in the Beit Sahour area, on the outskirts of Bethlehem.

Meanwhile, local media sources and witnesses said that Israeli troops abducted three Palestinian residents from different neighborhoods in the city.

Sources within the Tulkarem-based Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS), confirmed that the troops abducted Yehya Qarout, 21, from the Ektaba eastern neighborhood of Tulkarem, Aws Hussary, 22, from the Thennaba locality, east of the city and Monjed Redwan, 22, from the Tulkarem refugee camp. All were reportedly abducted by Israeli soldiers after the latter broke into and vandalized their homes.

In the meantime, Israeli troops abducted eight Palestinian residents from the West Bank city of Hebron, southern occupied West Bank. Local sources identified those abducted as Essam Alzehour, Mustafa Alasafra, Ma’an Alatawna and Ahmad Abu Raya.

Also, Israeli troops abducted a former prisoner, Belal Awad, 19, Kefah Abu Ayyash, 37 and Mohammad Abu Ayyash, 25.

Israeli abductions of Palestinians in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian West Bank, have recently increased as Israeli leaders have hinted at the possibility of annexing the West Bank by July of this summer.

Summary of those detained;

1. Sa’d Mansour, 25,
2. Zaid Redwan, 19,
3. Iyad Shbaita, 18,
4. Yehya Redwan,
5. Adham Shawahna, 35,
6. Aysar Na’eem,
7. Solieman Aarouri, 20,
8. Ayman Alatshan, 22,
9. Abdelrahman Shaibat,
10. Yehya Qarout, 21,
11. Aws Hussary, 22,
12. Monjed Redwan, 22,
13. Essam Alzehour,
14. Mustafa Alasafra,
15. Ma’an Alatawna,
16. Ahmad Abu Raya,
17. Belal Awad, 19,
18. Kefah Abu Ayyash, 37 and
19. Mohammad Abu Ayyash, 25

The PPS Israeli army also delivered summons to three citizens from the town of Al-Jiftlik, Jericho District, to be interviewed with Israeli intelligence.

20. Abdullah Abu Raya,
21. Ihab Abu Raya
22. Lin Jihad Al-Sharrouf, a young lady, arrested from the northern entrance to Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate.

Noteworthy that occupation forces also arrested, on Wednesday evening,

23. Doaa Ramadan Arafat, 21, a young female student at the University of Palestine, was arrested from Za’tara checkpoint,
24. Muhammad Mahmoud Jamous, 24, from Tulkarem,
25. Muhammad Musa Darwish, 65, from Al-‘Isawiya town in Jerusalem