Kafr Qaddoum protest (archival image from PNN)

Dozens of Palestinian civilians and solidarity activists were attacked by Israeli troops, who fired tear gas canisters and sound grenades at the weekly, non-violent march against the construction of the Israeli Annexation Wall on village land.

The protest occurs each week on Friday, and is meant to challenge the Israeli military’s takeover of village land.

According to local sources, Israeli soldiers suppressed the marchers and fired tear gas canisters at citizens and their homes, injuring dozens, including women, children and foreign solidarity activists .

According to the group Stop the Wall, Kafr Qaddoum has seen land confiscation and settler violence with 1976, when Israel built the now 3000 inhabitants strong Kedumim settlement that surrounds the village on five hilltops.

The main road from Kafr Qaddoum to Nablus was closed in 2003 for cars and in 2005 closed as well for foot traffic. The people of Kafr Qaddoum entered into years of legal fights and finally in November 2010 got a positive verdict from an Israeli court that the road should be re-opened. However, the Israeli military then stated the road was unfit for use and should therefore stay closed.

Finally, in 2011, the people of Kafr Qaddoum started weekly protests which have been met with heavily violence and intimidation.