A Palestinian-owned house in the Old City district of occupied Jerusalem, today, partially collapsed as a result of ongoing underground excavations by Israeli authorities and illegal settler organizations, the house-owner told WAFA.

Mr. Thaher Sharabati said his house sustained minor landslides during the recent low pressure and the accompanying heavy rainfall, which he said were the result of the ongoing Israeli excavations.

Sharabati lives in the house together with the rest of his 8-member family.

According to the Wadi Hilweh Information Center, the underground digs by Israeli settler organizations in Jerusalem without any consideration for the safety of the Palestinian families living there have posed serious threats to the Palestinian population.

Citizens of Jerusalem have long expressed fear that the ongoing excavations by settlers are intentional and tolerated by the municipality and government as a prelude to evacuate the Palestinians from their homes, under the pretext they are not safe to live in to eventually take over their homes and replace them with Jewish settlers.