On Wednesday, the City Council in occupied East Jerusalem forced a Palestinian to demolish his own home in Beit Hanina, north of the city.

Eyewitnesses said the Palestinian, Mohammad ‘Alloun, was forced to demolish his 90 square/meter home, which provided shelter to seven family members.

‘Alloun decided to self-demolish his property to avoid the excessively high fines and fees which are imposed on the Palestinians, in addition to the demolition costs, if the City Council destroys their properties using its workers and machines.

The Wadi Hilweh Information Center in Silwan (Silwanic) has reported that the City Council decided to demolish the property about a week ago, and informed the Palestinian that he has no legal recourse; therefore, he is not allowed to file appeals even for delaying the demolition.

Silwanic added that the Palestinian has been filing to permits for more than eight years, but his applications were all denied, and he was also forced to pay a fine of 30.000 Shekels (S8. 778).

While Israel continues to build and expand its illegal colonies, Palestinian communities, and towns, in occupied Jerusalem, and various areas in the occupied West Bank, continue to be denied the right to build homes and property.

Israel has been issuing dozens of demolition orders against existing Palestinian homes and property, including under-construction structures, and has already demolished many of them.