Through tears, the mother of Nassar Taqatqa expressed her devastation at the loss of her son who died in solitary confinement, in an Israeli prison.

In an interview with a correspondent for the Palestine News Network (PNN), at her home in the town of Beit Fajjar, southwest of Bethlehem, she spoke about the passing of her son who died at dawn today.

Taqatqa’s mother said that she was waiting for her son’s body to be returned to her, his sisters and the rest of his family.

She added that she wished she could take the place of her son, so that she died instead.

#شاهد وخلال حديثها مع شبكة PNN ردة فعل والدة الشهيد الاسير نصار ماجد طقاطقة من بلدة بيت فجار والذي تم الاعلان عن استشهاده داخل سجون الاحتلال صباح اليوم تصوير حمد علي طقاطقة

Posted by PNN Network on Tuesday, July 16, 2019

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