Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claims that the Israeli army is in the midst of a comprehensive military confrontation with the Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip.

He also said that the demonstration by the Arab Monitoring Committee against the Nation-State Law is conclusive proof of the challenges facing Israel.

“I will not reveal the operational plans of the army,” Netanyahu said, according to the PNN, during Sunday’s session with Likud ministers. “But, I can confirm the plans are ready and present for any scenario.”

“With the escalation on the southern front, there is an exchange of blows and it will not end in a single blow,” Netanyahu continued. “Our demand is clear, a complete ceasefire and we will not accept less.”

Encouraging incitement among the Arab masses in the country, Netanyahu talked about the demonstrations to remove the Nation-State Law, saying that the protestors want to turn Israel into a Palestinian State.

“Flags of the Palestine Liberation Organization have been raised in the heart of Tel Aviv and we have heard calls: ‘in blood and fire we need you, Palestine.’ Now, it is clearer than ever that the Nation-State Law is necessary to ensure Israel’s future as a Jewish state.”

Netanyahu’s remarks came before the cabinet meeting on security and political affairs, which will be held this afternoon. The meeting is in order to discuss military escalation on the southern front and to discuss the ceasefire proposal for the Palestinian factions in Gaza.

The Israeli military recommended that it continue its operations and stand ready for any emergency on the southern front, in addition to the continued assault onthe so-called  “cells” that fire kites and balloons, at the Gaza envelope.