Nine Palestinian detainees, held by Israeli in several Israeli prisons are ongoing with hunger strike protesting being held under arbitrary Administrative Detention orders without charges or trial, in addition to protesting continued solitary confinement and demanding medical treatment.

One of the detainees, Hotheifa Bader Halabiyya, 28, from Abu Dis town, east of occupied East Jerusalem, started the strike 57 days ago, protesting being held under Administrative Detention orders that are constantly renewed without charges or trial.

Halabiyya continues his hunger strike despite his deteriorating health condition, especially since he has Leukemia, and requires specialized medical attention.

Furthermore, detainee Ahmad Ghannam, 42, from Doura town, south of the southern West Bank city of Hebron, continues his strike for the 44th consecutive day, although he also has Leukemia and other health conditions.

Detainee Sultan Khallouf, 38, from Burqin town west of the northern West Bank city of Jenin, has been ongoing with the hunger strike for the last 40 days, while Ismael Ali, 30, from Abu Dis town, east of occupied Jerusalem, started his strike 34 days ago.

In addition, detainee Tareq Qa’dan, 40, from Arraba town, south of the Jenin, started his strike 27 days ago, after he was slapped with an Administrative Detention order. He is a former political prisoner who held hunger strikes several times before.

Another detainee, identified as Nasser al-Jada’, 30, from Burqin town, west of Jenin, started his strike 20 days ago, while Tha’er Hamdan, 21, started the strike 15 days ago, and Fadi al-Hroub, 14 days ago, protesting being held under the arbitrary Administrative Detention orders.

In related news, detainee Wajdi al-Awawda, 20, from Doura town, has suspended his strike, which lasted for 27 days, after the Israeli Prison Authority agreed to provide him with the medical treatment he needs.