The Israeli army is carrying out an extensive bombing attack on various parts of the Gaza Strip, in more than a hundred airstrikes at the time of this report.

Media sources said the army bombed dozens of homes, buildings, structures, public facilities, and even roads across the coastal region.

They added that medical and rescue teams are facing numerous challenges in reaching the bombarded areas, especially after the army fired missiles at many roads, including those near hospitals.

Most of the bombings took place in the western area around the Shifa Medical Center, north of the Rimal neighborhood in Gaza city.

Photo By Palestine TV

Among the confirmed targets of the Israeli strikes is the Ansar tower which includes many governmental facilities, in addition to the al-Maqousi residential building, various major and minor roads in Remal, Tal al-Hawa, Sheikh Ejleen, Rashid Street, and the western area of the Zeitoun neighborhood.

There are many, including many women and children; however, the intensity of the bombings and the destruction of roads is still hindering search and rescue operations.

The army also targeted electric grids near the Gaza Power Plant, causing serious damage and electricity blackout.