Dr. Saeb Erekat, a member of the Executive Committee of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) strongly denounced Israel’s approval of hundreds of new units in its illegal colonies in the occupied West Bank, and said the move is an outcome of the American greed, and the U.S. support to Israel’s apartheid policies.

Dr. Erekat said the U.S. Administration of President Donald Trump is not only silent about Israel’s violations, but also encourages them but the constant financial, political and military support.

“America’s silence, and the failure to condemn the illegal Israeli colonialist activities in occupied Palestine, are a green light to Tel Aviv to continue its violation of International Law,” Dr. Erekat stated, “Such violations, and the American support to them, threatens the stability of the entire region, and the efforts to achieve a lasting peace and security.”

The Palestinian official added that Israel must be held accountable for its violations, instead of being encouraged and supported as it continues its crimes.

Furthermore, Dr. Erekat said that last week’s report, which was published by the United Nations Secretary General regarding providing international protection to the Palestinian people, also called for holding those who violate the International Humanitarian Law accountable for their crimes.

“Israel’s ongoing construction and expansion of its illegal colonies in occupied Palestine does not only violate International Law, but is also a war crime that would not have been committed without the silence of the International Community, and the American support which regards Israel as a state above the law.”

Dr. Erekat called on the International Community to impose sanctions on Israel until it implements its responsibilities and commitments under International Law, and all resolutions by the United Nations.