The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement strongly denouncing the attack carried out by Israeli police officers against Palestinian Christians, celebrating Plan Sunday, in occupied Jerusalem, for “raising a Palestinian flag.”

In a Press release, the ministry said, “this unprovoked attack against the worshipers is part of Israel’s ongoing, and escalating, violations against the Palestinians and their holy sites,” and added that “Israel’s growing restriction on the freedom of worship to both Muslim and Palestinian Christians is another proof that Tel Aviv does not believe in coexistence.

“While Israel continues to protect, organize and support provocative Israeli tours in Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the alleys of Jerusalem’s Old City, it continues to deny the Palestinian basic rights, especially the freedom of worship,” the ministry added.

It also demanded the United Nations, and all its related international organizations, to condemn the attack, and to take all needed measures to protect all worshipers, and their holy sites.

It is worth mentioning that the soldiers and officers abducted two Palestinians from the procession, and took them to an interrogation facility in the occupied city.