Palestinian activists expel an American delegation from Beit Jala in response to the opening of the embassy in Jerusalem -21/5/2018

A group of Palestinian resistance activists expelled a US Consulate delegation from a graduation ceremony, for Palestinian students who were studying in US study programs, at one of  Beit Jala city restaurant in the Bethlehem Governorate.

The activists intercepted the convoy of cars belonging to the US Consulate in Beit Jala, threw eggs at the cars and raised slogans condemning US policies towards the Palestinian people and cause.

“Our message today is that there is no place for the US government in Palestine. This government, which is consistent with the occupation and participates in all of its projects, will have no place in Palestine. We love the American people,” said activist Mazen al-Azza.

For his part, activist Mahmoud Zawahra said: ”Our message is clear that the Palestinian people do not welcome this delegation and say to them, ‘This delegation is not welcome in Palestine’.”

Zawahra added :”This delegation is not welcome in our land after the United States recognized that Jerusalem is the capital of the Zionist entity that is raping our land and our people.”

Activist of the Popular Resistance Committees to confront the Wall and the settlements Ahmad Odeh said, in an interview with a PNN reporter: ”The message of all Palestinian people, on this day, is that the Palestinian people do not accept injustice or persecution.”

Odeh added: ”We love the American people, because it helps and stands by the Palestinian people, but the American administration is very biased towards the occupation state and opened its embassy in Jerusalem, a few days ago.”

He pointed out that: “After all that the American administration did, they come, today, to the heart of the West Bank, trying to look good in front of us, as Palestinian people,” adding: “We tell them we will not surrender and our response is clear today.”