A Palestinian child detainee, on Wednesday, was assaulted by Israeli guards when he asked to go to the prison clinic for feeling unwell, according to a statement by the Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs Commission.

Hani Irmailat, 17, from Jenin Refugee Camp, in the northern occupied West Bank, was arrested in October 2020, and underwent 20 days of harsh interrogation, before being transferred to Megiddo prison.

On Wednesday, the minor complained of feeling sick to prison authorities, which Israeli prison guards responded to by assaulting the teen, resulting in severe bleeding and injuries to his head.

The commission added that the teen was transferred to hospital for the necessary treatment, no further information was available regarding the condition of the minor.

In related news, another Palestinian child, Muhammad Munir Moqbel, 16, from Al-‘Arroub Refugee Camp, north of Hebron, was assaulted during his recent detention by Israeli soldiers. The boy suffered a fractured jaw, in addition to broken teeth, as a result of the assault.

Image: Alray