A Palestinian worker was injured, on Sunday, when Israeli forces shot him near the Israeli Apartheid Wall, west of the town of Far’un in the Tulkarem district, northern occupied West Bank, according to witnesses.

Witnesses told Palestinian WAFA News Agency that Israeli soldiers fired live rounds at an unidentified worker, as he was trying to pass through a gate in the Apartheid Wall, where Palestinian workers enter Israel.

The worker was reportedly shot in the foot, and was deprived of medical assistance by Israeli troops.

Soldiers subsequently closed the gate, denying Palestinian workers the ability to go to make a living, in the lands occupied by Israel in 1948, on the other side of the so-called Separation Barrier.

According to the Palestinian Information Center, the man was also detained by Israeli troops.

Israeli forces arrested Palestinian journalist Anan Najib, a former detainee, after ransacking his home, in Beit Hanina town in Jerusalem, on Sunday, PIC further reported.

Also of note, on Saturday, a Palestinian university student, and former prisoner, identified as Mohamed al-Namrouti, was abducted

by Israeli soldiers from a military checkpoint in southern Nablus, northern occupied West Bank.