Israeli authorities. on Sunday, released 18-year-old detainee Hassan Tamimi, from the village of Deir Nitham to the northwest of Ramallah, after he completely lost his sight as a result of medical negligence in Israeli jails.

The Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS) accused the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) of failing to provide Tamimi with the proper medical care and food since his detention on April 7, despite having knowledge about his bad health condition and calls made to provide Tamimi with special medical care and food, due to his situation.

Tamimi suffers from kidney and liver problems since childhood, as a result of a defect in protein absorption. He lives on a specific diet and treatment and the lack of adherence to them causes him serious health concerns.

PPS lawyer Ahmad Safyeh said the hospital informed IPS and Israeli prosecution of its decision to release Tamimi, despite of his need for treatment and monitoring, particularly after he went completely blind in both eyes due to medical negligence against him by IPS.

Al-Tamimi is set to be moved to Ramallah Medical Complex, later today, to continue his treatment.

(Al Ray archive image)

06/04/18 Detainee Al Tamimi’s Health Seriously Deteriorates in Israeli Custody