Armed Israeli settlers invading Hebron (archive image - source: ISM)

An extremist Israeli settler ran over a young Palestinian man, with his vehicle, on Friday, near the village of Tuwanah, east of Hebron’s Yatta town, in the southern occupied West Bank, local sources told WAFA News Agency.

Sources said that the illegal Israeli colonist was seen running over Aysar Mahmoud Hushia (15), with his car, after repeated attempts to ram other Palestinian pedestrians in the area.

The status of the injured youth is described as critical. He was transferred to hospital, and Israeli authorities did not offer any statement on the incident.

Palestinian sources cite 700,000 Israeli colonists living in 196 settlements across the occupied West Bank.

Article 49 of the 4th Geneva Convention states that the occupying state is forbidden to transfer its own population onto the land it occupies, therefore under international law, all Israeli settlements are illegal.